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Peer-Reviewed Publications By Subject-Area:

Origins and Early Evolution of Life

  1. Sahai N. and Kaddour H. (in prep., INVITED) Editors for special thematic issue of Elements on the Orgins of Life.
  2. Sahai N. and Schoonen M. A. A. (in prep.) Geochemical constraints on the “phosphate problem” in the origins of life. For submission to Nature.
  3. Sahai N., Dalai P., Estrada C., Kaddour H., and Bass, G. (in prep.) Mineral surface effects on stability and formation rates of model protocell membranes. For submission to Life. Evol. Biosph.
  4. Kaddour H. and Sahai N. (in prep.) Potential synergism and mutualism in the origins of life: A one-pot experimental approach to non-enzymatic polymerization of RNA and peptides.
  5. Kaddour H. and Sahai N. (2014) Nonenzymatic polymerization of RNA: advances and challenges. INVITED for special issue of Life 4, 598-620.
  6. Greiner E., Kumar K., Sumit M., Giuffre A., Zhao W., Pedersen J. and Sahai N. (2014) Adsorption of L-glutamate and L-aspartate from solution to g-Al2O3. Geochim. Acta 133, 142-155.
  7. Xu J., Sahai N., Eggleston C. M. and Schoonen M. A. A. (2013) Reactive oxygen species at the oxide/water interface: Formation mechanisms and implications for prebiotic chemistry and the origin of life. Planet. Sci. Lett. 363, 156-167.
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  14. Oleson T. A. and Sahai N. (2008) Oxide-dependent adsorption and self-assembly of dipalymitoylphosphatidylcholine, a cell-membrane phospholipid: Bulk Adsorption Isotherms. Langmuir 24, 4865-4873.
  15. Sahai N. (2002a) Biomembrane phospholipid-oxide surface interactions: crystal chemical and thermodynamic basis. Colloid. Interf. Sci. 252, 309-319.


Bone Biomineralization and Silicate Biomaterials

  1. Wang Z., Xu Z., Zhao W. and Sahai N. (in prep.) The mechanism of citrate in controlling hydroxyapatite nanocrystal growth: an integrated experimental and computational study. For submission to Langmuir.
  2. Wang Z., Zhao W., Xu X. and Sahai N. (in review) A potential mechanism for amino acid-controlled crystal growth of hydroxyapatite.
  3. Xu Z., Zhao W., Wang Z., Cui Q. and Sahai N. (in prep.) Detailed structure analysis of collagen fibrils in distinguishing mechanisms for intrafibrillar collagen mineralization in skeletal tissues. For submission to Nat. Acad. Sci.
  4. Zhou X., Zhang N. and Sahai N. (in prep.) Silicates in orthopaedic and bone tissue engineering materials. For submission to Tissue Eng. Part B.
  5. Zhou X., Zhang N., Moussa F., Molenda J., Safadi F., Murphy W. and Sahai N. (in review) Soluble silicate stimulates osteogenic differentiation and suppresses osteoclastic differentiation by antagonizing NF-κB activation via miR-146a: implications for bone remodeling.
  6. Zhou X. and Sahai N. (2015) Biomimetic and Nanostructured Hybrid Bioactive Glass. Biomaterials. DOI: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2015.01.024.
  7. Zhao W. and Sahai N. (2015, accepted) Organic-Mineral Interactions in Biomineralization. INVITED chapter, Molecular Modeling of Geochemical Reactions: An Introduction, Ed. J. Kubicki, John Wiley.
  8. Xu Z., Yang Y., Zhao W., Wang Z., Landis W. J., Cui Q. and Sahai N. (2015) Molecular mechanisms for intrafibrillar collagen mineralization in skeletal tissues. Biomaterials 39, 59-66.
  9. Xu Z., Yang Y., Cui Q. and Sahai N. (2014) Small biomolecule-mediated hydroxyapatite growth: free energy calculations benchmarked to density functional theory. Comput. Chem. 35, 70-81.
  10. Zhao W., Xu Z., Yang Y. and Sahai N. (2014) Surface energetics of the hydroxyapatite-water interface: a molecular dynamics study. Langmuir 30, 13283-13292.
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  12. Chapron Y., Charlet L. and Sahai N. (2014) Fate of pathological prion (PrPsc 92-138) in soil and water: prion-clay nanoparticle molecular dynamics. Biomol. Struct. Dynam. 32, 1802-1816.
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  19. Sahai N., Schoonen M., and Skinner H. C. W. (2006) The emerging field of medical mineralogy and geochemistry. INVITED, reviewed chapter for Medical Mineralogy and Geochemistry, Eds. Nita Sahai and Martin Schoonen, Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry Series, Vol. 64, Mineralogical Society of America, Washington, D.C., Chapter 1.
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Carbonate and Silica Biomineralization

  1. Yang Y., Sahai N., Romanek C. and Chakraborty S. (2012) Low-temperature dolomite (Ca, Mg(CO3)2) formation as a potential biosignature– A computational study of Mg2+ dehydration in aqueous solution in the presence of inorganic anions. Cosmochim. Acta 88, 77-87.
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  7. Sahai N. (2003b) Silicon-organic interactions in the environment and in organisms. INVITED, reviewed chapter in Geochemical and Hydrological Reactivity of Heavy Metals in Soils, W. L. Kingery and H. M. Selim, Chapter 6. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.
  8. Sahai N. and Tossell J. A. (2002) 29Si NMR shifts and relative stabilities calculated for aqueous hypervalent silicon-polyalcohol complexes: role in sol-gel and biogenic silica synthesis. Chem. 41, 748-756.
  9. Sahai N. and Tossell J. A. (2001) Formation energies and NMR chemical shifts calculated for putative serine-silicate complexes in silica biomineralization. Cosmochim. Acta 65, 2043-2053.


Environmental Geochemistry

  1. Hochella M. F., Jr., Lower S. K., Maurice P. A., Penn R. L., Sahai N., Sparks D. L. and Twining B. S. (2008) Nanominerals, mineral nanoparticles, and Earth systems. Science 319, 1631-1635.
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