Dr. Sahai presents invited talk of Origins of Life research at the Science Cafe’s Cleveland chapter

The Science Cafe organization has invited Dr. Nita Sahai, Ohio Research Scholar Professor of Polymer Science,  to present her Origins of Life research at the Cleveland chapter.

One of the most profound questions asked by all societies over all time is, “Where did we come from? We are trying to address this question by looking at how the substance on prebiotic Earth could promote the reactions essential to the emergence of protocells. Could the surfaces of some minerals, with specific chemical compositions and crystal structures, have played a role in the origins of life?”


Science Cafe is an open forum for invited scientists to present their research to the public. The organization is sponsored by Nova, NSF, HHMI and the Sloan Foundation. The Cleveland chapter is sponsored, additionally, by Case Western, Sigma Xi and WCPN Public Radio channel. For more information about this talk, please visit: http://www.case.edu/affil/sigmaxi/2015July13Event.html.

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