Post-doctoral Researchers

Graduate Students

Group Alumni

University of Akron (2011-present)

Dr. Putu Ustriyana, Ph.D. student, 2016-2019

Dr. Punam Dalai, post-doc, 2014-2019

Mr. Kexun Chen, master student, 2016-2018

Dr. Steven Mankoci, PhD student, 2012-2018

Dr. Hussein Kaddour, post-doc, 2013-2017

Dr. Ziqiu Wang, master and PhD student, 2011-2016

Dr. Weilong Zhao, PhD student, 2011-2016

Dr. Xianfeng Zhou, post-doc, 2012-2016

Dr. Zhijun Xu, post-doc, 2011-2015

Ms. Ling Chen, master student, 2014-2016

Mr. Jacob Morris, undergraduate student, 2015

Dr. Guillermo Bracamonte, post-doc, 2013-2014

Ms. Denyse Colon-Lugo, undergraduate student, 2014

Mr. Lin Qi, master student, 2012-2014

Dr. Sarah Maurer, post-doc, 2012-2013

University of Wisconsin, Madison (2000-2011)

Dr. Yang Yang, post-doc, 2009-2011

Dr. Donald Mkhonto, post-doc,2006-2009

Dr. Young Jae Lee, post-doc, 2005-2006

Ms. Chunxiao Zhu, master student, 2009-2011

Mr. Edward Greiner, master student, 2009-2011

Dr. Jie Xu, PhD student, 2006-2011

Dr. Nianli Zhang, PhD student, 2005-2011

Dr. Timothy Oleson, PhD student, 2003-2009

Mr. Mark Stevens, master student, 2005-2007

Dr. Katya Delak, PhD student, 2001-2005

Ms. Mark C. Ciardelli, master student, 2004-2006

Ms. Katie Thornberg, master student, 2001-2003

Mr. Jeffrey Brownson, master student, 2000-2002

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